WOW! Your messages are just unbelievable! I read through them all, and I will be sure to read them again tomorrow. I mean is there a bigger word than thank you? I don’t even know what to say! I feel like the luckiest woman in the world. Sitting in a hospital room 3 days before Marlon passed away..I took it to facebook to document those final moments but without sharing that he was on his death bed. I immediately took notice that people felt connected to our story…and quickly realized that if I continue to share, that I would heal much faster. I mention this because what I did unconsciously has been my greatest source of healing. I turned my pain into a blessing, by blessing others with the lessons of my pain. We all have a story, and the greatest form of redemption for our soul, for our hearts for forgiving ourselves is to pay it forward by sharing with others, and it does not mean you have to do it on social media:) It may seem like a selfless act, but the truth is the blessings will be boomeranged right back to you.

So how was our day? It was fabulous! Ok, ok…where do I start. We planted a dogwood tree in front of my house. That tree will blossom in a few weeks and will be so pretty in pink! As we were planting the tree…guess who showed up? Yep, the red cardinal. Natalia spotted it on our fence just observing our little ceremony. As a car alarm blared, and I grabbed my phone, the bird flew away….oh, but not so fast – I captured it in the act! A red cardinal represents a loved one from beyond visiting, and some have said peace after death. After the cardinal flew away, I took notice of the beautiful sky and I couldn’t help but to think how it represents my life today. I could choose to live in the gray, or live in the light…both options are there – I just have to make the decision. Doesn’t that apply to all of our lives. I then told the kids to get in the car for their surprise trip. As were on the highway, a truck cut in front of my car (not in a mean way or anything), it wasn’t just any car, it was a FORD F150 truck just like Marlon had. I didn’t think much of it, but my eyes were literally pulled and lured to look a the license plate and it read abbreviated “I miss dad.” – my kids went crazy when I pointed it out. They were screaming dad is sending us a message, to dad is awesome. And as Marken snapped a picture, the truck merged to the right and just like that vanished quickly onto the next exit. We finally made it to our surprise…we visited Buddy our dog we had to give away when I could no longer care for Marlon, a dog and 3 kids! The kids were overjoyed to see Buddy as he was to see us. Overall it was a perfectly beautiful May 7th – and a special shout out to my hubby for sending us so many beautiful signs today. YOU ROCK HONEY!

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