Would You Disengage?

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Good morning all! This question was proposed at church yesterday. I interpreted it as: if I had to disengage from toxic people in my life with the push of a button, would I do it? The answer is YES and I have. With pushing that button comes the potential of losing friends and creating distance between family, but in the end life’s purpose cannot be fulfilled with gossip, heaviness, complaining with no desire for a solution, and those who betray while patting your back. For me personally, there is no time to “fix” others when I am trying to discover who I am while maintaining my inner peace.

visit here Disentangle/disengage does not necessarily mean cutting off – but it does create a nice space for breathing that can and will feel like lonley at times because you are no longer entertaining mindless chatter.

company website That extra time to reflect on who YOU are and what you stand and don’t stand for may feel uncomfortable because you will be forced to look in the mirror and work on you! In an era where everyone wants to live happier, growing pains are not just for the young anymore!