» Worrying does not help solve the problem

Worrying does not help solve the problem

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Over the last month I had a breast “malignancy” scare, I then injured my neck slipping from a handstand, and then came the unexpected twist of addressing my daughters mysterious health concerns. It’s been an interesting month I tell ya!
I have always accepted that I will never have a perfect balance nor will I ever be completely fearless…but truth be told the last month kicked my butt. I learned to do that ugly, ugly cry without the guilt of feeling like a weak and pitiful soul, that I should not feel shame in asking for prayers from those that look to me for strength. I confirmed that living a fearless life simply means fearing less as you trust more in the Lord with each given situation that is dealt. I have also learned that in the moments that I am uncertain are the very moments I lean a little closer to God. That’s a blessing in disguise, actually it’s a blessing in plain sight.
In the last month I could feel that my body and mind were under attack from the emotional turmoil of 3 back to back incidents that scared the lights out of me. In order to protect myself from sickness I made sure I honored my body. Because if I get sick…the whole ship is going down! I slept 8 to 9 hours every night, I ate as clean as I possibly could, even though my body was craving awful things because it was in an acidic state due to the stress. I prayed, I mediated, I took my vitamins, I loved on my kids a little more and continued to mentor the women that I coach. I managed to do everything I teach others to do….except one thing – I could not stand the thought of exercising. What a fraud I felt like – I could not get my body to move. But then…. I remembered – have compassion for yourself lady! As I was getting ready for a self beat-down – I realized that my month of imperfection allowed me to experience and take a sneak peak into the minds of women who remain paralyzed due to the blows that life throws. I get it! My heart smiled when I realized that this imperfection as a self-care coach does not make me a shotty one – it makes me a compassionate and real one! Although I wanted to shrivel up and put up the “do not disturb sign” I still managed to show up to my own my life. And the same applies to you….just keep rinsing and repeating until you break free from the chains that are holding you down. I’m ready to bring in the New Year with great enthusiasm – because I’m set on making 40 feel better than 20.

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