Working On Compassion

zetia how much does it cost Some believe that we face war in our own lives so that we can learn to be more compassionate for others and to each other. If we didn’t experience pain, would we have compassion? I for one don’t think we would. It’s not to say that we deserve pain, but life is unfortunately not fair, and some of us are chosen and will be chosen for such trying experiences.

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tobramycin eye drops buy online I recall, when I was single and narcissistic and travelled for sheer fun, I would dread having a child sit behind me. If they dared to kick the back of my plane seat, I would not only turn around and give the child “that look”, but the parent would get the evil eye and more often than not, I would ask them to control their little creation. In due time, God blessed me with a child on the Autism Spectrum, and boy did I ever learn compassion for children and especially special needs children; now when kids kick my seat, I not only turn around and smile, but I assure them that it’s ok if they keep kicking – lol!

buy vilitra 20 More often than I would like to admit, we both thought our marriage was a mistake – that is…until death began to knock on our door. As death knocked harder AND louder, the movie of our lives played in our heads and we BOTH quickly learned what compassion meant for one another. We were able to step out of our bodies and into each other’s souls and appreciate one another on a level so extremely deep, that we emerged as soul mates. Now THAT is true compassion and God’s work indeed.

naltrexone buy As I flex my compassion muscle this holiday season I realize I have so much work to do and I welcome it. I will approach it with an open heart by listening more, hugging a little tighter, judging a whole lot less, and learning that in the silence I can avoid a lifetime of regret just by waiting 60 seconds in between any thoughts that may not be overflowing with love and light!

pirfenex tablet buy May God grant you all health, peace in your heart and joy that makes you giggle this holiday season, and of course a sprinkle of compassion will not hurt either:)

alesse insurance card Picture attached – Thanksgiving 2012! (Ava look up! I wish there was an app for that:)