Women Empowering Women. God is good!


When my life was “perfectly perfect” I was in such a funk that I spiraled into a very dangerous depression. That was 2011 – the worst year of my life. AND then as if life had not beat me up enough, I found out that my husband had Cancer.

At that critical moment I realized I could roll up in a ball and be defeated or fight. I decided to fight. I would take my life back and began to teach myself skills that would arm me with strength that could fight the enemy- the enemy being my own self.

In the last year I have received hundreds of messages from women who have connected to my stories and my lessons, and in offering them advice I realized that I am not alone and neither are they. It is actually the norm for women to run on empty and smile beyond their pain. That blows my mind! But why should it…I’ve been there.

Sometimes when I am sad about Marlon’s death, I remember that he had to die in order for me to be who I am today. That’s painful, but it’s the truth. The person I am today is someone who loves to inspire and spread hope and empower women to transform their lives physically and spiritually. It’s where I shine and where I feel the most connected to Marlon and the legacy he left behind. I am proud and honored to say that I have started my first virtual women empowerment group that focusses beyond fitness and nutrition. Today is just Day 4 of our journey but we have acquired an amazing connection to one another. Over the next 2 months we will be working on our goals physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, nutritionally and professionally. This is going to be an amazing ride. We are all in this group for different reasons, but the common factor is that we all have goals to achieve. So humbled and grateful to have been entrusted to lead this group, and excited to learn from all of these amazing women.

Women empowering women. God is good!

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