» What is Strength?

What is Strength?

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Alhambra jeu en ligne casino What is strength? ” the ability to resist being moved or broken by a force.” (Webster definition) We continue to visit the hospital in which Marlon died. My kids get bereavement counseling here and today we happened to bump into the doctor that pronounced his death. He declared time of death11:28, but as I witnessed his final breath it was in fact 11:22. Today as we waited for my son to finish his group session, the girls and I sat outside and had an early dinner. As we chatted the girls asked me if their dad was scared to die. I pulled up the picture of us making silly faces 36 hours before his passing. I asked them what do you guys think? Natalia responded I think he was happy. I call that happiness – PEACE. That is the very peace we inherited. Thank you God! Thank you!