Undoing Current Behaviors

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https://www.reunionsaveurs.com/viopes/636 For your new years resolution instead of adding something new to your list, how about undoing a current behavior? Its our old ways that keep us from our greatness. I went into 2013 resisting everything, and I was dragged feet first into the terror zone; the horror and fear of what could be came to life. What we resist will persist. As 2013 comes to a close I have learned to change my old broken behavior and now I not only surrender, but I listen to the signs of the universe. I gave this urn to my mother in law earlier this year so that she can keep her own urn in her home with her son’s ashes. It was returned to me weeks later as Marlon appeared in one of her dreams asking to be returned home. So now I have 2 urns. I took one urn (this one) to my second home in the Poconos and decided I would leave this urn there since I already have his original urn at home with most of his ashes. As I was doing a final check of the house to make sure we didn’t forget anything before we drove back to NY, I tripped on the carpet and landed on the dresser and knocked over this urn. I immediately realized HE did not want his remains to be left in the Poconos, he wants to come home. This may sound crazy to some, but my listening to the universe has guided me to extraordinary things in my life this year, like meeting Phillip Phillips, buying the only waterside property available in a community of 3,000 homes, that even the realtor was shocked I found this hidden gem all by myself. But most.importantly being blessed with the faith that comes with decades of practice, and for that I am grateful and will continue to work on undoing behaviors that have a stronghold on my life. There is something bigger, there is something beyond us, and I have learned that if I let God guide me that he will not steer me wrong. I am also extremely privileged to also have an Angel who is in the passenger seat. Blessed!