Two Trees

Dec 5

These two trees in my backyard brought many stories to mind this morning as I appreciated how they could co-exist, one alive and one wilted away already defeated by inevitable winter. We are just the same. On some days we are full of life, and on others we are merely a wilted spirit. Those two feelings can co-exist in the same space because that is what makes us human. I wake up every morning realizing that my journey is a blessing, however, on some nights I lay down to sleep and wish I could have my husband back. My choice is to live in the space of gratitude and not nurture the parts that weigh me down and will deplete my soul of what it desperately needs to grow; and for me that is gratitude, surrendering and faith.

As you tackle your day and go through your facebook newsfeed with the many posts of how you can “fix your life”, remember those are merely posts that humans are sharing – it does not mean they have it all figured out. They too are the wilted flowers one day, and a strong robust tree the next. Nurture your soul by applying ONE thing you read, hear or learn from someone else that speaks to your soul. Overwhelming yourself with 50 things you want to change will only defeat your spirit. Change happens just as a flower blooms – with precious time.

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