Time To Part Ways

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https://wimenshop.com/minyrew/7189 As some of you know today is day 3 of my vegan journey and I am really enjoying it. My new lifestyle had me with so much energy yesterday that I was jumping through the roof, and I couldn’t get to bed last night until 2am, so it gave me some much needed time to think. Being vegan has also given me tremendous clarity, and in receiving that clarity it has also opened up a gaping hole in my heart. As I excitedly stayed up working on my new blog, I realized that I have some fears and reservations about sharing my new content and my new project launch on February 1st. It’s like a small part of me wants to talk about my husband and the lessons forever, but I know it’s time to part ways with preaching the lessons learned. I think I have said it all. 99% of the posts I have shared are from the lessons I have learned from my past. Not sharing from a place that revolves around my husband, is like getting a divorce from him, it’s asking for permission from you guys (my biggest supporters) to set me free from my past, it’s admitting that I too deserve to live, love again and break free of what once was. It’s been my security blanket, my safe haven, pretty much my world. I am a little sad today, no, no, I am A LOT sad! I have to admit, it’s like I’m mourning his death for the first time today. You guys may think I’m pretty good with words, but today I can’t seem to string them together. It’s not that I don’t ever want to write about him again, but I think that anything and everything that I learned from him has already been shared, and in moving forward I too can refer back to those lessons, and re-share what has already been written. In letting Marlon go, I am really keeping him for myself and my children. 2013 was my year of REDEMPTION and I shared it all, I exposed myself not only to redeem my soul, but to leave a footprint on someone else’s life via our mistakes. 2014 is my year of RESURRECTION, and it’s time for me to rise from the rubble as I step into my own divine light.

http://socialactionnet.com/?fistawka=azur-tv-rencontre-avec&609=0e I may or may not take a break from fb for a few days to reflect, mourn, pray and meditate to listen to the universe (GOD). I am so grateful for you. Thank you for being so amazing to me and my children.

mejores apps para ligar gratis Picture taken 2 months before he passed. We gave it our all! I love you Marlon. I miss you, and thank you for giving me permission to move on in you final days. I accept your challenge.

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