Time Doesn’t Heals All Wounds

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Time heals all wounds! Not true. I use to say that all the time, but its actually the worse thing you can say to someone who has experienced loss. It gets harder, but when you have a good foundation, God will see you through in a big way.

I have had an interesting last couple of days as a single mom. I had to fiddle with a frig that wouldn’t cool and I somehow fixed it. I had to go on a hunt to find out where the circuit breaker was in my house and begin to label every switch. I cared for one bleeding injured daughter, while I consoled the other as she screamed “please don’t die.” I do have an amazing support system, but there is nothing that compares to having that one person that is your everything. I am now my own everything and for sure my new life is not easy.

My strength and clarity during this time comes from church, working out and good nutrition, but I have now incorporated something in my life that I absolutely crave. Meditation is my newest addiction.

We have all meditated at one point or another but the key is to do it every day! I am so in love with meditation that when I went to get my nails done and I had to wait, I asked to use their bathroom to meditate. No joke!

If you are struggling with stress, clarity, anger, frustration, dissapointment or any heaviness in your life, can you please do yourself a favor and download the attached FREE app and do it for 10 min for next 10 days. I would absolutely love to hear how it has changed your life because it has completely transformed mine.

Short hair has also helped simplify my life..but it’s growing way too fast!

Clarity is just an app away. Enjoy!


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