The saddest day of my life and the lessons learned

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find out here How does loss feel for me as I enter the two year mark of the saddest day of my life – May 7th; well here are 10 things that I have discovered: 1. Time does not heal all wounds

weblink 2. The hole in my heart gets bigger, I cry more, but I also understand that I am getting stronger spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

rencontre filles seules 3. Although I accept my loss, it’s still hard to process all that my children have lost.

nigeria casual dating 4. That when I turn in bed I still can’t help to want to feel his presence 5. That the heart has a memory. When the doorbell rings, or a car alarm chirps outside of my house – my heart sometimes skips a beat – taking me back to when we were a family of 5.

great site 6. That I never want to forget him.

page 7. That I sometimes need to forget him.

click to read 8. That him slapping my butt, his smile when he got home, cooking every night, being an amazing father, surprising the kids and I constantly with the best family adventures, etc. – was his way of saying I LOVE YOU. I always insisted he say the words more – but now I understand he was a man of action and that words held little meaning to him. I now accept and respect his differences.

9. That I should have had more date nights, instead of complaining about all the reasons that we couldn’t.

10. That when we meet again, I will make sure he knows how much I have always loved him. But this time he will know just by looking into my eyes. No words will be required on my part. I too have learned that action speaks so much louder than words.

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  • sorry for your loss, continue to cherish the time now with your other loved ones everyday

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