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The Great Escape

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Emotional morning at the Suaza house. Today is picture day, and after getting my girls ready, I found Natalia (my middle one) secretly crying because she didn’t like the way I styled her hair. I went into the whole people would kill to have your hair, breathe when you are frustrated, appreciate what you have….blah, blah, blah. I don’t think it was about the hair…I think some mornings, like picture day – bring back memories of not having dad. The little one sensed the big ones energy and just started crying “Daddy, daddy, where are you?” – we all cried. Heartbroken is not even the word! It’s that kind of a morning – and I am pretty drained emotionally but will refuel with some meditation shortly. Anyhow, I will sneak them out of school early today for a “doctor’s appointment” and have some silly fun. Shh…don’t tell the school.
Fast forward to the Great Escape where I picked up my kids for “an appointment.” I felt bad lying…so on early dismissal sheet I wrote “appointment with mom” – not even a white lie – that’s the truth. Girls were sooo happy and it made me even happier to see them smile. I told them dad asked me not to be a boring parent after he passed so i have to do silly things – and they smiled. Yep..he actually did..he was the fun parent and.. worried I would live too much by rules. I like rules but rules are meant to be broken:)