“The Curious Case” of having inner-peace when a life is lost too soon

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look at here now The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a movie about a child born with the physical appearance of a 70 year old man who lives life in reverse. The story teaches us the lessons that life can only be understood backward, and must be lived forward.

http://sparkbomb.com/magikan/581 We can view a life taken away too soon as a tragedy alone, but in our pain and suffering, we can also quiet down the white noise and turn up the volume of our faith in God. Once we can master this, that is when we begin to process that LIFE CAN ONLY BE UNDERSTOOD BACKWARD. Perhaps my husband (your loved one) was the Benjamin Button that blessed our lives. They left us young, but their soul were old and ripe. The lessons we learn when someone passes away are invaluable.

http://arungjeramcitarik.com/with-Synthetic-CZ-Cuff-Links-Cufflinks-?-Shirt-468609/ In the silence, in the pain, in the emptiness is where we learn the most incredible lessons; however, the learning experience cannot be received unless we can accept that God’s plan is not always our own. When this is truth in your life, healing begins to take form, and the self-sabotaging toxins of bitterness, anger and regrets begin to vanish into thin air. The void will always remain in our hearts…but we must remember to water the sadness with beautiful memories. Reminiscing with pain will keep us in the past, celebrating the memories will allow us to live forward. Living forward is also the pathway to fulfilling our purpose on this Earth.

http://www.domenicanedisansisto.org/web/nichuya/804 In my conversations with God, I have never asked him why he left my children father-less, and nor will I ever, as I get it loud and clear that HE is in control. What I do know however, is that surrendering to that which I cannot control has allowed me to rejoice in the greatest gift that I have ever and will ever receive, and that is – peace that passes all understanding!

this page Photo- John-Marlon Suaza (my husband, 39 years young)

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