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pop over to these guys Thank you all again for the most amazing birthday wishes. I have read each and every one of them. When someone is fragile, that is when they need the most support and uplifting, and for that, there are not enough thank you’s to let you know how grateful I am . To all my amazing friends and family that took time out of their busy schedules to spend it with me…I am eternally grateful! To me the entire night was amazingly special, but I want to give a special shout out to my old friend Rich, for being my dance partner last night. As I threatened…I mean nicely asked Rich to make sure he left it all on the dance floor, he twirled me like a mad ballerina, and although every twirl was faster than the last, the moment played out in slow motion in my head, as I recalled the magical moments that John-Marlon and I had together as we captivated the attention of anyone that would watch us grace the dance floor together. It was an emotional ending to an amazing night, but my tears shed from a place of gratitude knowing that my love for music and lyrics comes from the best teacher I ever had – my husband.

e book obzioni binarie As I was getting dressed yesterday, I played a song on my computer (at least a dozen times) that many of you have tagged me on which is “Vivir Mi Vida” by Marc Anthony. As it was playing on full blast Ava my six year old ran up to me and said “that was dad’s favorite song” – I smiled because the dedication of this song on my wall over and over, was no coincidence, it was a Godincidence.

7es rencontres parlementaires sur la sécurité I learned something new about my husband from my 6 year old, and I look forward to discovering my purpose as I travel this road that has never been traveled, because this is my life, my own unique journey, just as you have yours.

look at this site And in Marc Anthony’s soulful words, and in the message that Marlon sent me via many of you…voy a VIVIR MI VIDA!

dating for over 70s uk “Voy a vivir el momento
para entender el destino
voy a escuchar el silencio
para encontrar el camino”

rencontre we move Translation:
“I am going to live in the moment,
to understand my destiny,
I will listen to the silence,
to find the road”

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