Struggling With A Book Title


It’s February 1st and I expected to have my website launched, but my deadline was a little too ambitious. Totally behind schedule, and I am totally cool with that because my book is my #1 priority. On Monday, I am submitting the final things needed to consider my book a completed manuscript. My acknowledgements (of course you guys are in it) dedication, epilogue, author picture (maybe this one as a c/u?) book cover and book title need to be in publisher’s hands asap for me to have any shot at book being released on Marlon’s one year anniversary of his passing – May 7th. ONE PROBLEM! I am struggling with book title. I had a focus group with cousins and my sister and I thought why not expand it to you guys – who have been such incredible supporters. THANK YOU! Do any of these titles resonate with you? Please feel free to put in your two cents. Yay or Nay, feedback pls. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. The behind the scenes of publishing a book. Ahhhhh!

Title #1
SURRENDERING: When Pain Transforms into Blessings

Title #2
Undeniable Pain, Extraordinary Blessings:
My first 8 months as a young widow

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