Spa Time! sept 17
Spa time at Suaza house! I have 6 tv’s in this house and only one connected that the kids can watch for 30minutes a day on school nights. Prior to my current structured schedule they probably watched a few hours a day. Now we read, talk, play board games, pray, attempt to cook together and apparently trap the big bro for a pedicure.

les rencontres d'après minuit free download I always use to joke with Marlon that no matter how good we were to our kids that someone will end up in therapy complaining about how we didn’t love enough. I probably felt that way because we were raising them as consumers of the latest and greatest of everything that was out there and pacifying them with things instead of pure simple love. We of course showered our kids with affection but we were inadvertently teaching them that love is mainly found in things.

im dating sites We live in a society where more is just not enough, and kids grow up to be adults who worship things not because they are materialistic, but because it is the only way to continuously fill the void that can only temporarily be filled with tangible items.

discover this When you don’t know what it means to genuinely love yourself, you walk around with a hole in your soul and therefore can never be a good spouse! If I can teach my kids to love themselves, teach them that God loves them unconditionally and to know that I love them unconditionally then I have a done a good job as a mom and dad!

aplicaciones para conocer personas de otro pais If they end up in therapy I at least hope the visits will be short lived.

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