Show up to your life and lose 10 pounds

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dating in nyc is hard A 10 pound loss in one month. I’m so proud of myself. I literally gained 13 pounds in 4 days when I went to Florida to spread Marlon’s ashes last month. I drank (I’m not a drinker), I was binge eating, I didn’t exercise, I ate everything within arms reach. I gave myself a pass during that time because I was literally numb to it all – and I was in a space where I could give a (you fill in the blank).

que significa soГ±ar con una mujer coqueteando Some of us go through life like this and it’s not just a disservice to our bodies and our health, but mainly to our soul. We all slip up, we all don’t care at any given point, but what separates success from failure is how quickly we rebound! Be a mindful soldier – and when life knocks you down, dust yourself off, smile and get up and fight for the life that you want and deserve.