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River Of Peace

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Kribi stromectol romania pret catena A few weeks ago I had expressed that I was about to make the boldest move I have ever made in my life – and I did it! I purchased a weekend/vacation home for myself and my children in the beautiful Pocono mountains. I thought long and hard about whether I wanted to share this publicly because I thought to myself – “What will people think… will they think I lost my mind?” Well, after I had that paralyzing thought ‘about being judged’ I snapped out of it after 2 minutes flat and realized…WHO CARES what people think! God is the only judge that matters.And God did indeed speak to me the day I decided to follow my fearless heart and make this investment. Out of 3,000 homes in the private community, THIS (my home) was the only property for sale that had a beautiful river-like creek flowing in the backyard in place of forested land. I know John-Marlon had a little something to do with this.I envision writing many books here, and building new memories with my children as we learn to master skiing and snowboarding in the winter, and in the Summer, this paradise will be their new summer camp as we will take advantage of all the amazing amenities that are offered in this unbelievable community.After we closed our deal and before stepping through the door, I made it a point to bless our home in the only way I can imagine how – to honor my husband, his memory, his legacy. In his death, he gave me life, and for that – I am eternally grateful.

dextrously ivermectin bulk manufacturers in india With fragile hearts, our children spoke directly to their dad in heaven, and I thanked him for never, ever, ever leaving our side. With arms stretched out, we carefully held his precious ashes in our hands and in unison lowered them into the water as we watched the ashes depart from what once was the 5th member of our family.I shall call this most blessed creek – “River of Peace” because when I look at it, it reminds that I have a right to live with purpose and passion, a right to dream beyond my wildest imagination, and a right to have inner peace in the chaos of it all – and guess what? So do you!

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