Revisiting a Familiar Place


Since my 40th bday this Sunday – I booked a mammogram around this time because it is symbolic of me not forgetting to take care of myself. When I drove up to this building this morning….a complete calm came over me – I actually smiled. Without knowing where I had booked my mammogram I arrived at this 410 building. It is a very familiar place. This is the building that Marlon and I visited every single day for about a month when he was receiving blood transfusions just to keep him alive during his final months. It is the place that he finally allowed me to put him in a wheel chair so that he wouldn’t be gasping for air walking from the car to the elevator. This is also the place that broke the devastating news to me that the transfusions were no longer working and there was nothing else to be done.

Marlon cannot communicate with me on a human level but he does so on a spiritual one. Actually, he has been doing so over the last several days and it’s pretty awesome. We can choose to look at life as a bunch of coincidences or we can choose to live knowing that small miracles present themselves every single day. I couldn’t imagine living any other way. Sadness? Absolutely none. Pure and utter peace. He is thinking of me. He is so darn obvious:)

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