Remembering the silly times


Good morning friends. Yesterday, I was visiting Natalia and Ava’s Summer camp for parent visiting day. I saw a mom taking a picture of her daughter, and I offered to take a picture of the two of them, and she said “oh no, I look awful today.” The moment she said that, I knew I would change the way she viewed the world in 1 minute flat. I told her about Marlon’s passing and told her how I am presently scrambling to gather pictures, videos, just about anything so that my kids can forever remember their dad. I showed her the picture I posted yesterday and told her how I couldn’t stop staring at it because memories are all I have. Her eyes welled up and so did mine. I walked away and left her thinking. I found her staring at me for the remainder of our visit, trying to lock eyes to give me a warm smile as she asked others to take pictures of her and her daughter.

Ironically at camp Ava was given the funny glasses in her Camp goodbye package, and immediately recalled that she had those very glasses in a picture with her dad. She asked me to pose and carry her in the way that her dad did when she was a toddler.

In life I thought he was a good dad, in sickness I realized he was a great dad, in death I realize how exceptional he was as a father, husband and human being.

My friends, I was blessed to say all the things that I didn’t say in my marriage in his final months, but please don’t wait for the perfect time to say those things that can fill your heart with love. Having pride is a terrible disease, but the beauty is that you hold the cure.

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