Remembering the silly times

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you can look here Good morning friends. Yesterday, I was visiting Natalia and Ava’s Summer camp for parent visiting day. I saw a mom taking a picture of her daughter, and I offered to take a picture of the two of them, and she said “oh no, I look awful today.” The moment she said that, I knew I would change the way she viewed the world in 1 minute flat. I told her about Marlon’s passing and told her how I am presently scrambling to gather pictures, videos, just about anything so that my kids can forever remember their dad. I showed her the picture I posted yesterday and told her how I couldn’t stop staring at it because memories are all I have. Her eyes welled up and so did mine. I walked away and left her thinking. I found her staring at me for the remainder of our visit, trying to lock eyes to give me a warm smile as she asked others to take pictures of her and her daughter. southwark rose hotel rencontres 45 ans plus In life I thought he was a good dad, in sickness I realized he was a great dad, in death I realize how exceptional he was as a father, husband and human being. My friends, I was blessed to say all the things that I didn’t say in my marriage in his final months, but please don’t wait for the perfect time to say those things that can fill your heart with love. Having pride is a terrible disease, but the beauty is that you hold the cure.

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