Remembering my wedding day 15 years ago today

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levlen ed price guide 15 years ago today on April 9th, 2000 I married the man who would change my world forever.
Today I will choose to remember Marlon by smiling knowing that he chose me as his wife. No long winded post, no heartbreaking photos, no deep thoughts other than to say I wish him peace in his life anew – and as for me, I hope and pray that I get another chance at love again just as Marlon wished for me.
And…when I do – I will bring into a relationship what l learned from the incredible love story I had with the amazing John- Marlon Suaza.

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import “In his departure from my world, I can see so much more clearly now. If I had to give that young girl real life concrete advice on how to love, I would give her my recipe for love, with my five secret ingredients: еxplore 1. Accept his differences
2. Make sure you have your own passion and your own dreams
3. Respectfully agree to disagree
4. When you agree to disagree, have enough compassion to meet on neutral ground
5. Simply love him

sites de rencontre au maroc gratuit If these lessons apply to your life – use them fearlessly. It took me losing him – to learn how to truly love. In his death, he gave me life. – There are no regrets.