Pay It Forward Friday

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rencontre celibataire versailles Today’s post was suppose to be yesterday’s post but the universe thought different. Anyhow, I was going to call it:

opzioni binarie demo con bonus Thoughtful Thursday: Pay it Forward.

click Since it’s Friday….let’s just call it Pay it Forward Friday.

follow url In Marlon’s final days, he gave his snow blower, his brand new smoker/grill, countless other tangible things, but most importantly he was very generous with his wisdom.

se rencontrer 66 The greatest teachers that will ever exist are those that are in the final stages of their life and can tell you the real deal about what matters in this life.

follow url As Marlon gave away his possessions the recipients cried and were quite sad because they knew this was goodbye. Although Marlon knew his days were numbered he would laugh and say “don’t be sad…I’m not giving it to you because I’m dying, I’m giving it to you because I want you to have it.” And with a smile on his face I saw the the tremendous joy of being able to do for others as he clinged on to his own life.

josh homme dating history If my dying husband can find joy in giving things of value away…then there lies a lesson for me and for anyone else that wants to take notice…that being a giving person is one of the things that will matter when all is said and done and we take our final breath.

los hombres citas So today I would like to invite/challenge you to post something on your wall (or on my wall) that you no longer need but that can be a blessing in someone else’s life. If you feel blessed…pay it forward. Your blessings will only be multiplied.

here I no longer need this refrigerator…it’s oversized for my kitchen. If you need it or know of someone, an organization who could put it use…pls inbox me. I may get zero, or I may get 20 responses. If that is the case, the situation with the greatest need will get this bad boy. God bless you all!

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