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07th Jun 2014

Praise Precedes Victory

Joel just explained my healing process in 3 words! “Praise precedes victory” – AMEN! Never in Marlon’s death have I felt sorry for myself. The first thing I did after...

07th Jun 2014

I DO Believe

You will never reach higher than you believe for yourself. God uses ordinary people for extraordinary things. Joel Osteen I DO believe… I am that ordinary person! Nothing is impossible...

31st May 2014

Tonight Was A Highlight

Time to go to bed…but first let me take a selfie to show you guys how I am still smiling after an amazing turnout. I believe 300 people showed up...

28th May 2014

Our Anthem Of Hope

I urge anyone that is suffering due to their circumstances, or due to a loss to realize that where you are right now is where you are suppose to be....

25th May 2014

My Life’s Mission

Never in my life have I ever gotten up at 4am to work…and happily at that. It is now clear what my purpose in life is. A dear friend of...

24th May 2014

Forever A Family Of Five

Hiya guys! I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday. I’ve escaped with my kids to our little dream shack in the Poconos. I am so happy to be able...

23rd May 2014

Healing Is In Your Hand

My post this morning is to share a song that Marlon and I absolutely loved. We heard it at our church for the first time when we started going 2...

22nd May 2014

Cleaning Lady

Good morning guys! I want to share a little something that I use to struggle with the thought of…and that is having a cleaning lady. I use to think that...

20th May 2014

300 Books

Hey….you guys! There is so much behind the scenes stuff going on that my head began to spin over the last week. So…in order to keep myself in check I...

16th May 2014

Surrendering, Forgiving and taking accountability for your own actions!