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30th Jul 2014

Newsflash: Widows are allowed to grieve

I am completely aware that I have made myself a public figure – I know that! Sometimes I may share things that makes people concerned about the way I handle...

30th Jul 2014

That F’in ugly grief!

That ugly grief that makes you want to crawl up in a ball and have a pity party has been trying to creep up on me. Maybe it’s because my...

13th Jul 2014


As a child, did you know that you were special and carried special gifts? I did. I had fantasies that someone would come knock on my door and say “hey...

13th Jul 2014

He’s everywhere

When my kids can experience their dad’s death this way – I know that I am doing a good job handling his passing. Thank you God! (Gone, gone, gone is...

13th Jul 2014

Before and After (from the inside out)

I came across this collage today that I posted almost 2 years ago. This collage means more to me today than it did when I first posted. In a 5...

13th Jul 2014

Meditate, meditate, meditate! Like, for real!

Anxiety for everyone is different, for me personally when I feel anxiety setting in, I know that it’s not a condition I have, but a state of mind I am...

13th Jul 2014

Girl has to get her car serviced. Blah!

One of the many luxuries of not having a man! Obviously…NOT! I use to take the small things my hubby did for granted because in my head I assumed it...

13th Jul 2014

Our imperfect lives are perfectly perfect!

Everyone wants a miracle in their life, that next big break, that secret sauce to living your “best life.” If you take the focus off of you and live a...

09th Jun 2014


The pic is the mantra we were asked to repeat today! I will continue to speak this truth into my soul! Ladies, repeat this too as you rise every morning....

08th Jun 2014

Proud To Be Latina Conference

At the Proud to be Latina Conference with my little engine that could! Wish me luck.