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Our Anthem Of Hope


Maragogi gay dating free near wasilla I urge anyone that is suffering due to their circumstances, or due to a loss to realize that where you are right now is where you are suppose to be. We all have a light and energy guiding us on this Earth…and if we choose to believe we can follow in faith. If we are cynical and think we have been dealt a bad hand at life…you will block the miracles from taking form.

Parádsasvár gay hookup sites revere There are signs everywhere…whether it be communication from beyond, your intuition driving you away from danger, or that special energy guiding you towards your life’s purpose – it’s all there. We must have an open heart to receive these signs. Just imagine that you are a business, and your store front has a sign that says “closed”, customers won’t even bother coming in. Well….the same applies to miracles…big and small. The transformative energy that wants to come in and bless us, simply cannot when our heart is wired shut – it just can’t happen.

gay hookup sites franklin lakes A year later, Marlon continues to show me that he has never left my side. He is still laser sharp focused on showing me he is as present as ever. In the past week, our anthem of hope Gone, Gone Gone has played the moment that I walk in somewhere. Get this…the song is not already playing when I walk in – it only starts playing WHEN I walk in. It happened yesterday grocery shopping with Ava, today walking into the bank (video) and last week in the car, and in my house minutes after posting an emotional post with a picture of us last week.

gay speed dating near deux-montagnes Batatais I can choose to say that all of these incidents are coincidences, or I can choose to believe that our anthem of hope which I have not heard in months is making its round because Marlon knows I need his strength. I choose to see the miracle and say that my husband is showing up in this way to let me know that my book signing is going to be just fine – and I say… thank you babe!

https://dandyfood.com/13-cat/dating_16.html Guys be open to receiving the signs – we all have that special gift!


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