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Now that my story is written, now what? I wait patiently and see what the universe plans to do with it. From what I have been told, my book can be on shelves in 90 days. That sounds ambitious, but hey crazier things have happened. Just two days ago, I decided what I want to be when I grow up – I want to be a writer. I want to be a full time storyteller. So with that thought, I will start working on my second book (without even having one published); and it’s called “Finding Inner Sexy Fabulous Peace in the Chaos of It All” In order to write from a place of honesty, I will become a vegan for 90 days, workout 5 days a week as I review various programs, meditate daily, and interview experts in the holistic field. Why am I shouting this out? Because I need to be accountable; and if eyes are watching me – I will follow through. So starting January 1st I am pushing myself harder , yet ironically I will be treating myself gentler than I ever have in my life. Life is all about balance, and I am on the hunt to find it. 90 days of holistic living. I really hope you will join me on this adventure too.

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