No Expectations


I really want to thank you guys for the incredible support that you have given me. I want you to know that there are many reasons why I wanted to publish my story, but not one of them includes money. Going into this project I knew that I would only make $2.00 of every book sale – but the money to me was a non-factor. Not because I don’t need it – but because I felt so passionate about sharing our journey that I would have done it for free. My book is a quick read that covers so many sensitive topics, and although it exposes many ugly parts of my life – I know that the risk was well worth taking from all of your amazing feedback. I have no expectations on where this book will take me, but through this journey I have discovered my biggest passion of all – and that is helping other women. About a month ago I started a group that has now grown to 30 strong powerful women that are on a mission to gain balance back in their lives. We are focusing on fitness, nutrition, meditation, and personal growth. When you don’t continuously work on yourself, you are slowly dying – and that is exactly the woman I describe at the beginning of my book. The woman who has ‘it all’ and is destroyed and demolished within while putting on her game face for the world. If you feel lost, unbalanced, like you’re doing a shotty job as a mom, a wife a friend – connect yourself with those that can lift you to that higher ground. My virtual group will always accept new ladies with open arms, but there are so many resources out there… don’t ever go at it alone. The moment I put my ego aside and realized that I don’t know much about anything – my life was opened to new and amazing opportunities – and I was able to regain that inner peace that I so desperately craved my entire life. God bless you guys – and thank you again!

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