Newsflash: Widows are allowed to grieve


I am completely aware that I have made myself a public figure – I know that! Sometimes I may share things that makes people concerned about the way I handle my loss. First and foremost let me share that I am so, so, so incredibly grateful to those who cheer me on as I continue to rise through my pain. Please know that I am also so grateful for those who show concern for me…and I am by no way offended by your love for me – I thank you and I get it. I had 4 people inbox me about my post yesterday concerned that I am not allowing myself to grieve if I “go at grief harder.”. Instead of responding to each person individually please allow me to share here on a public forum as I always do because I feel that God has called me to share my pain and experiences so that I can impact someone else’s life. For those of you that don’t know…in 2011 I was in a very dangerous place. For a period of my life back in that year, I use to wake up every morning and pray for a car to hit me or to be in accident that would allow me to end up in a hospital…. so that I can be under someone’s observation because I had lost all hope for life and was literally scared of what I was capable of. I was in grief way before Cancer came into our lives…so I know what it feels like to let emotions control your life. To remind a widow that she can grieve, is like reminding a human being that it is ok to breathe. I grieve every single day of my life…every single day! If you guys read my post from yesterday, I spoke about the UGLY grief – the grief that wants to take me DOWN! There are many different forms of grief. For those of you that may think that my strength is a cover up for deep rooted feelings – please recognize that I work so incredibly hard at being strong…it is not an accident. I am not the exception or the chosen one. I am just aware that I have choices to either live life, or to let life beat the shi$ out of me. If I decide to allow grief to kick my butt…who will take care of my children? Who will drive them? Who will cook for them? Who will tuck them in at night? Who will hug them? Who will pay the bills? Who will teach them to embrace adversity with even greater strength? I am their everything! I don’t have a choice. I coach women privately on how to regain their inner strength, inner peace and their self worth..and I keep it no secret – I share it publicly. If you want to know how I became a warrior…please see my secret recipe below. I work hard on being the best version of me! .I am so grateful for those that were concerned about me – I know it’s genuine – but I’ve said it before – a widow does not need to be reminded that it’s ok to grieve. I promise you we all got the memo!

Here is my personal secret recipe to find the warrior in you!


S- sleep 7 to 8 hours
(If you eat a high alkaline diet…you can get away with 6 hours of sleep)
A- Alkaline your body
V- Vitamins ( I drink Shakeology)
Y- YOU time. Find a passion so that you don’t depend on others to bring you joy
M- Meditation ( pray, attend church, and meditate to receive God’s word)
E- Exercise

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