Needing To Exude Peace


Maybe I should have let the guy in math class know that trying to cheat off my paper was not a good idea since I failed math 3x! After his creation in my home…I kinda feel bad:( Seriously, WOW so much love and credit goes out to my college buddy Miguel for his masterpiece work in my house. He said he prayed for me to contact him after Marlon passed away so that he can give my home an extreme makeover – and because the universe listens…I did reach out to him eventually. Between Miguel’s magazine worthy vision and my contractor, Rob’s – sick, crazy, talented creative modern flair…the end result is a home that has blown me away. I am so grateful to these two men for putting their heart and soul into their craft! When they both came to my home to gauge the work…they found a house that resembled the beginning stages of a compulsive hoarder as I tried to hold on to every last memory. They could tell that my children and I were in good spirits, but my home screamed a different tale. A sad tale.

I told them both…I had no vision of how I wanted my home to look like…but I NEEDED it to exude peace.

As I enter the most trying period since Marlon’s passing, I couldn’t think of a better place to spend next Wednesday, May 7th as I remember the life that once was the 5th member of our family.

I am so grateful to God for continuing to align the right people in my life…exactly when I need them. His mercy and his blessings are undeniable. There is no one in the world I would want to enjoy my home with more than my husband, but I can’t change that – the moment I recognized that living in the past is a curse – the miracles began to take form in my future.

Girls night anyone?

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