My Life’s Mission


Never in my life have I ever gotten up at 4am to work…and happily at that. It is now clear what my purpose in life is. A dear friend of mine recently asked me “what is your vision beyond this book”? I honestly got caught like a deer in headlights. She looked at me and said what I could not put into words…she said “this is the first in my series of self help books” BINGO – wow…she blew my mind. Before I could say anything she reminded me that she was just reiterating what I have been saying. The moment she said this with such conviction…was the moment I realized I did NOT have the same conviction for my book – the very book I wrote with my heart and soul at the most tragic time of my life when I could have clearly fallen apart. I don’t think I give myself enough credit because deep down inside I may not think I’m worthy of having my writing praised. That is FEAR my friends. We all have it and we all have to identify it in order to control it. It’s a little demon that will always haunt us with any given situation…but there is a cure. Being FEARLESS is impossible, but to FEAR less is completely attainable through taking action.

I self published my work because I did not want to shop for a publisher and delay my project by months or potentially years. However, a traditional publisher is what I need to fulfill my purpose of following up this book with the next in its series. I will work my tail off to get picked up by a traditional publisher and to make some noise I need to sell a minimum of 5,000 copies. To the scared girl in me that is nearly impossible, to the woman blossoming within – I know that every book sold is a life that can potentially be changed and that will drive me to keep sharing my work.

All of your praises and all of the amazing messages you have written to me have helped me come to terms that I have NOT said “good job Kenia.” Now that I can accept that…I can truly begin to stand behind my work with great honor. I want to personally thank YOU for helping me overcome that fear of self praise. Being able to do that gives me clarity on my life’s mission.

God is good!

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