My kitchen falling apart is a reminder that I am not! kitchen
I am letting my kitchen fall apart as a reminder that I am not! Ever since Marlon passed away, I have had this deep desire to give my kitchen a makeover. The kitchen has been the one neglected room in our house for years, but in the weeks after Marlon’s passing the formica just refuses to hold up even with my awesome scotch tape job! Don’t judge!

site de rencontre le plus populaire gratuit My house is an open layout, so the kitchen is the first thing you see when you walk through the door. This eye-sore was the first project I would undertake in my new life, or so I thought. I had the cabinets measured, I picked out several options, and I began to envision all of the amazing meals I could whip up in my new kitchen. Funny, because I suck at cooking, so it’s not like a new kitchen will fix that! Marlon frantically tried to teach me how to cook “decent meals” before he left me, but it was just not in me to learn. I have never seen anyone so passionate about cooking…yes, on cooking shows of course, but no one in real life. Seasoning food was an art form to him; I can just see him now. Simply put…he was amazing, and he cooked with so much passion and love! Well, back to my kitchen. I dug deep in my soul and realized that fixing my kitchen was not about something I deserved or earned. Redoing my kitchen is about distracting myself from getting to the really important things that matter; it’s about pleasing people that probably will never visit me. You know “they” the people we are always trying to impress, that really don’t even exist. It’s like getting plastic surgery and then realizing damn I look good, but still feel like a pile of crap! The superficial fixer-upers are just bandaids that eventually leave us feeling more empty than we felt before.

rencontres hommes canadiens My kitchen is actually in perfect shape to take on a wannabe chef (ME) who will learn to whip up extraordinary meals! fyi – I am open to anyone that wants to teach me how to cook healthy, delicious meals. I have a few of you in mind…so you will be hearing from me! I will one day fancy up my kitchen, but for now it’s a reminder that my kitchen is falling apart, but I am not!

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