From redemption to resurrection


For the period of lent I decided to share instead of giving up something. Today is my final post of “lessons of my journey” – I shared 46 posts since I started so I made up for the time I was on my cruise:)

The sweetest form of redemption is resurrection! Knowing that you can’t turn back the clock, that you can’t have a do-over, but knowing that in moving forward you are able to transform that pain, those mistakes, that rage into peace that surpasses all understanding.

An excerpt from my book:

“Surrendering meant putting our new found faith first, regardless of our circumstances. The closer John-Marlon and I grew to our faith, the closer we grew to each other. In the last three months of John-Marlon’s life, he emerged as my soul-mate, and I was his. He told me his innermost darkest secrets; he shared the good, the bad, the ugly and the uglier. In one of those moments, he grabbed my hand and with tears streaming down his face he smiled the biggest smile, it was almost angelic, and he whispered “I forgive you.” I could see in his eyes that the forgiveness was something much deeper than just my dirty mouth. With great concern I asked “for what?”, and he responded with “you know.” I truly did not know what he was referring to, and my heart began to sink. He had to be referring to that one night where I had blacked out. I took a deep breath in and asked him to please spell out what I was being forgiven for. He smiled and in detail explained how I betrayed him. It all started coming back to me; he actually believed everything I told him about my pretend affair. Oh dear God what have I done, I don’t even remember saying half the things I said I did? I felt like such a jerk – of course he would believe me, he has Asperger’s for goodness sakes, he takes everything literally! I looked at him, leaned over, grabbed his face and with tears now making their way down my cheeks and onto his chest I said “please believe me, I never did that.” I then expected a rebuttal, but I only got a bigger smile. He said “I believe you, but it doesn’t matter, I would have forgiven you either way; forgiveness is forgiveness.” We cried and hugged, and then he grabbed my hand tight and told me he had to tell me something……”

(The “something” is in the book:)

Photo: I took on our recent cruise when my son and I were on the top.deck as the storm passed. I don’t even remember how we ended up there…but I was meant to see this! Marken didn’t pay too much mind.

Even through the storm – there is always a ray of light, of hope, an opportunity of turning that pain into a blessing.

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