My 3 Visions

frauen auf dating seiten anschreiben 1 Happy January 1st everyone! I hope you all had a magical night. I spent my today organizing my work and creative space, and I also finally wrote out my 3 visions for 2014. Although the ego secretly laughs and says its not possible, the holy spirit which trumps all clearly tells me everything and anything is possible. Being driven does not make us narcissistic, but not having any goals also does not make us humble. This was one of my lessons learned in 2013. I officially became vegan for 90 days, I have vowed to not skip one day of meditation, and I am also practicing my 6 secret ingredients that I swear by and I will share on February 1st. No more yo-yoing with diets, giving your heart on a platter to the world, preaching to the world on how you should live and doing just the opposite (I was guilty of this) or better yet looking totally cute as you secretly running on empty with your game face on for the world (guilty, here!). This is all about balance, and although we will always fall off, I promise you – you will know how to get back on that horse faster than you will spiral out of control – and for me that is the delicate dance of balance. This messy girl is loving her clean and pristine work space! Oh and I decided I hate digital calendars, I’m a paper kind of girl! Have a blessed night everyone.