Missing Dad on the First Day of School!

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article For the last 4 years up until a few months prior to his death, Marlon had the morning shift with the kids. He would get up at 6am, shower and beautify himself because he was a total metro-sexual. That man cared about his appearance more than any man I have ever met!

that site Around 7am he would wake up the kids with a nice warm breakfast always made with love. He had an amazing gift for cooking. He would then pack lunches and snacks; help the girls get dressed when they were “too sleepy” to do for themselves. After teeth were brushed, he would tackle what no man should ever have to do by any circumstances…..COMB AND STYLE UNRULY CURLY HAIR!

rencontres serieuses en corse He mastered detangling with his trusty detangling spray and learned to comb out hair in sections; he would come up with the most creative hairstyles…some worked, and on rare occasions some just didn’t quite cut it…but the girls were always happy! Marken has always been self sufficient in the mornings, so he required little to no maintenance. Boys will be boys!

http://emilymarchblog.com/maglayd/2399 Teachers and moms at school were constantly complimenting the girls outfits and style. I take no credit for that – Marlon did the shopping for the kids as well. He knew when all of the Macy’s sales were happening, so much so that two weeks before he passed he told me to run to Macy’s for their one day designer pillow sale.
He urged me not to take more than an hour because he had lost his ability to walk on his own and was afraid he may have to use the bathroom in my absence. I thought he was crazy, but he demanded I must go because this sale was worth it. I came back with 14 designer pillows for $80 after coupons and discounts. I have one body pillow that he used in those final days, and it brings me so much comfort and warmth at night. I steered off the school topic…but oh, so many memories!

Go Here I miss him! Wow, today was hard. Getting the girls ready made me a little teary eyed to think I never said thank you for that morning shift. Not all dad’s can pull that off.

http://bannholz.net/masjanja/3090 In life I thought he was a good dad, in death I know he was an exceptional father!

check that Thought for tonight: have an attitude of gratitude! Don’t think it…SAY IT!

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  • He had me at “combing and styling unruly hair”– what an angel. And yes, not all dads have that level of love and dedication towards their children. Very few my friend.

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