Mirror, mirror on the wall…


In a fast paced world where outer beauty is shoved down our throat every three seconds, we need to be savvy enough to recognize that the old adage of beauty being skin deep still holds true. When we can build ourselves from the inside out – then and only then, will we build a foundation that allows us to see beauty for what it truly is.

A woman’s true beauty comes from her self confidence, her knowing her self worth; it’s about the way she makes others feel around her. It’s that infectious energy that lights up a room, and that contagious smile that ignites a soul. A woman’s beauty is not determined by the perfection of her body, but the unapologetic awareness that she is perfectly imperfect. She knows that she is enough, without needing anyone to validate this most obvious fact. That is true beauty.

When a woman is confident about her inner beauty, the power of showing it off on the outside is even that much more fulfilling.


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