Messages From Beyond 19 Back to back, to back, to back, to back messages from beyond. We went to eat at a Chinese restaurant because Natalia my middle one came running out of school asking to go to China Buffet and pleaded “C’mon mom we gotta go, dad always took us there.” And from that moment the signs began to surface. The moment we sat down, the first sign came by way of the song that repeatedly played on those long trips that John-Marlon and I had to take to the hospital, and every time it came on we would both sing at the top of our longs “Come on get higher….I miss the sound of your voice”; immediately followed by Phillip Phillips “Gone, Gone, Gone”; we then noticed the picture in front of our seat of fishing and water (Marlon loved fishing and loved water so much he wanted his ashes spread across many oceans). We were then handed the bill with 5 fortune cookies, NOT 4! We will always be a family of 5:) We ended our early dinner with a fortune cookie that could have only been designed for us, as we WILL be in the mountains and enjoying the view of the creek in our Poconos home this weekend. By the way…all of these signs were noticed by my girls, the music was so incredibly low at the restaurant I could barely hear the two songs. I am feeling blessed, inspired, and I know that 2014 awaits incredible amazing things for me and my kids…and I am grateful, humbled and I love seeing these little miracle messages. Happy does not describe what I feel!