ME Day

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ME Day started at 10am and done at 2pm! In 4 hours I feel like I have escaped to a resort. I even got a compliment that I appear to look like I’m in my 20’s. I started day with Yoga. Yoga is all about energy and vibrations. When your energy is in a healthy state you are of clear mind to give and receive abundant blessings. I then made a stop at my holistic chiropractictor. Life flows from the brain to the spinal cord which control every cell, organ and tissue. Any malfunction or misalignment can lead to pain chronic illness and even disease. I ended my adventure with a massage to reduce anxiety and stress. This will be a monthly ritual for me. Later I will do my 30 minute workout and have my shake for dinner and end with a little meditation. No shopping, no vacation, no man can help you live your best life. Happiness and joy come from within – and you should never depend on anyone else to provide you that gift to you. When your tank is full there is plenty for you to give away without resentment.

browse around this web-site Enjoy this amazing weekend and don’t forget to take some time to find your inner peace.