May 16: A Holistic Start: Mind, Body Soul


Happy Thursday everyone…ok, ok…no need for the kleenex this morning. I will spare you guys today. Today will begin a new day for me as I will shift my focus to the blog I abandoned when I became a caregiver to my very handsome husband. I told my Marlon before he passed that I will live with purpose, and I can’t think of a better way to honor his memory to continue to share fearlessly. For a very long time I have been praised for being a super-mom, but I was secretly running on empty. I began to feel like a fraud. Autism and then Cancer began to consume my world and I needed inner healing fast. When I began to realize that the balance I was yearning consisted of mind, body and soul…things began to work themselves out, and I soon discovered my inner-sexy fabulous peace in the chaos of it all- hence why I was able to wear hot pink shoes to my husband’s memorial. I consider myself a simpleton who wear my hair in a bun 99% of the time, bite my fingernails, and I own 4 pieces of make-up that I actually use. However within that simplicity there are many complex layers that are full of depth and knowledge that I have helped me get through some really rough patches. Through the grace of God I have been able to turn those hardships into positive forces in my life. Here is a quick recap of my life in the last year. While I helped John-Marlon fight his Cancer, I simultaneously fought a school district for my son on the Autism Spectrum and after an ugly, ugly battle – I won my son an elite private school education that will continue through his high school career. After 9 months of chemo (Jan thru Sept) John-Marlons’s health began to decline. He went from Stage 2 to Stage 4 with treatment. When I realized that chemo would eventually kill him, I began to do my own research and spent my days working an 11 hour shift and my nights as a researcher looking for a cure. In October I had gathered enough research to feel confident that we needed to try a holistic approach to John’s Cancer. In September of 2011 he was showing signs of his life coming to an end, but by October he was playing basketball and living at 80% of his former self. This holistic lifestyle was indeed agreeing with him.. As I helped Marlon transform his life, I also had my own little transformation taking place – I lost 50 pounds, adapted a new diet, and gained tremendous strength physically and mentally. As I have travelled a very tricky road, especially in the last year, many have asked how I found my strength – and there is no question that God played the starring role, but through many different mediums he taught me how to heal. As I return to my blog, I will be sharing many of those foundations that helped me heal and become a better person. My hope is that anyone who is going through their own darkness, can also find inner-sexy fabulous peace in the chaos of it all. It’s tough to move on, but life stands still for no one, and we must rise to the occasion when our faith is put to the test. I hope you join me on my future journey’s as I cannot travel this road alone. God bless you.

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  • GOD BLESS YOU, Kenia!!!
    Sending you lots of love and light and appreciation for all the inspiration you give!

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