MARNAVA – A place of healing for children by children

When Marlon passed away on May 7th, I knew that the first thing my kids needed was bereavement counseling. Once I was able to come up for air, I started calling a few places for group counseling where my kids would be able to connect with other children that had lost a parent. Every single placed I called said that I would have to call back in September, as all of their programs were wrapping up for the Spring and would resume in the Fall. Imagine, my shock and disbelief that I had to wait several months for my children to get appropriate counseling. Since I am an advocate at heart, I expressed my disbelief and horror that these programs did not exist because the timing of my husband’s death was not in line with their program schedule. My kids did start individual counseling, and are scheduled for group counseling in the Fall, but I am still quite bothered that resources were scarce when we needed them the most. Even though my kids had limited counseling, they are healing so beautifully and are so open to discuss the passing of their dad.

I have been so impressed at how resilient my children are that I had a discussion with them and asked if they would be willing to share their journey with other kids that have also lost a parent or loved one. They were so excited that they have already started documenting what they want to share. With that being said, in the Fall I will be launching MARNAVA.ORG, an organization for children by children who have lost a loved one. MARNAVA represents the names of my children. MARken. NAtalia AVA.

I foresee this organization being a very powerful and healing place for children that have had the bottom fall out from under them. It is one of of the most devastating things to watch a child yearn for their parent, but it is nothing less than a miracle to watch them rise from the sorrow in faith.

I know John-Marlon will be proud.

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