June 9a

The pic is the mantra we were asked to repeat today! I will continue to speak this truth into my soul! Ladies, repeat this too as you rise every morning.

Today was magical. I met such powerful people. I connected with someone who will guide to me to getting my book translated into Spanish, I met the marketing genius I want to work with to promote my book to the Spanish market; 40 books are now in the trusty hands of new readers…AND I have my first radio interview next week. Details to follow. I think God meant business when he said “quit your job!” I am nervous…but I know what I have to do!

Thank you guys so much! I can’t wait to catch up this week on all of your messages. I am so looking forward connecting and responding.

Today was a great day! Thank you Jewels K. Max for having my back during this journey. Beyond grateful for being there with me today.

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