Love Never Dies Oct 7 sepcial thanks
A special thanks this morning to Angel, Marlon’s best friend. He called because he remembered what today was. I had a good cry…which I don’t do very often. I’m not saying crying is not healing..I don’t waste my days mourning – I spend my days living. I must say that cry was good…but i cried for many reasons. I cried because I miss him, I cried because lies being said about me hurt, I cried because Angel reminded me that because of the lessons Marlon shared in his final days…he is a better person. I cried because my children dont have a father, but most importantly I cried because I know that peace lives in my heart. In our 13 years of marriage, we lived 50! We always loved each other from the moments our eyes locked, but, we teetered on divorce many times and recovered while he was still in perfect health to be in love, in lust, inseparable and in each others soul. Love is forgiving, love is unconditional love, love is free, love does not have pride, love is expressed in the eyes, in that gentle touch, in a flirty glance, in comitting your hearts to the Lord, in late night conversations with the tv off, in a long kiss, and sometimes love exists when you let go.

rencontre tahiti femmes To hold hands look each other in the eyes and smile as tears rolled down our eyes making a decision to surrender to God’s will – is love. No more blood transfusions that were no longer having any affect, no more being poked and probed with no cure in sight.

source link Love is hanging out in a hospital room knowing that death is on its way, but still enjoying a basketball game together, sipping white zinfandel, cracking jokes all night, staring into each others eyes and knowing what each of us were thinking, locking an embrace on that final night as our souls became one and agreeing to meet on the other side. Love never dies!

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