LOVE Gave Me The Win

Oct 26
I received so much love last night from people telling me how tough I am..and omg the hugs! Sooooo much love. What many of those people don’t realize is that THEY are a huge part of why my strength exceeds my very own imagination. I am forever grateful for all of my new and virtual friends as I am of my old ones! I danced soooo much last night, and thanks to my supportive friend we DESTROYED the dance floor! I even won the big l prize for best costume! NOW we all know this 80s gear is not the best costume, but LOVE surpasses anything and everything – even turning a blind eye to this so called costume. LOVE gave me the win!. LOVE is energy that fuels the soul….and because I know this I smile every morning as I rise knowing that in my loss i have gained. In the end, in our final months, in our final days -I promise you.. all we will ever remember in this lifetime is if we were loved enough and if we loved enough. My husband told me and I believe him!

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