Look Around You

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site de rencontres rurales Look around you. Everyone has a story, everyone has experienced something in their life that made them exactly who they are today – including you and me. When Marlon was diagnosed with Cancer, I had already experienced my hardest days. When our lives were “perfectly perfect” I spiraled into an unexplainable depression and only surfaced in time to fall in love with my husband AND myself just a few months before we realized that Cancer was lurking at our door. You see, I hate Cancer- however, the lessons that we learned as a couple because of Cancer were a blessing, and because of that….Cancer did not win – we kicked Cancer’s ass. She was not victorious in how she planned to take us down. My husband was not healed on this Earth, but he is healed in the after EARTH life, and as for me…well, the picture says it all! God is good!

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