Living In The Present oct 18 god bless
Are you living in the present moment? By no means is living in the present easy, but it is also not impossible. Your decision to live in the here and now – will define your past, present and future. By choosing not to see what is right in front of you in the here and now, you lose the gift of the present because the present quickly becomes your past, and your past shows up in disguise and and will call itself “your future.” The past will whisper lies and you will be believe every single one of them if you are not present.

Buy Tastylia (Tadalafil) You can easily be convinced even brainwashed into believing that you cannot change your circumstances, that you have “bad luck”, that you are not worthy; all of those things are lies. The lies are the fear that is placed in your heart by the enemy. You can call the enemy whomever/whatever you want, but in reality the biggest enemy against YOU is YOU! I hope as you rise today you..
– Give thanks for what you have
– Surrender to God those things you cannot control
– And when worry overtakes your mind with trivial things, take a deep breath in, and ever so slowly exhale; rinse and repeat as needed.

source Living in the present moment requires nothing, but can change everything. Living in the moment sometimes means smiling through the pain, when you know you are having your last meal out as a family – because you are grateful to have that very moment which in an instant will become your past, and define how you will embrace your future.

enter Photo – 8 weeks before he left us. God bless!

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