Life Insurance

site rencontre fb I admit I have gained so much from my journey, but the one thing I have lost is a tolerance for people who beat around the bush, who are sneaky and try to get over. My radar is super sensitive to that kind of stuff right now – but I’m workin on it. Anyhow that brings me to my story: I realize that if something happens to me, my kids will be left orphans (scary a@@ thought), and scarier thought is to think that I would leave the burden on my mom and sis to support them if I don’t have a good financial plan in place; so earlier this month I called my life insurance guy to tell him that in the new year I want to up my life insurance because I will sleep better at night. I did emphasize that I wanted to do in the NEW YEAR. Well, yesterday I got a call from him asking for a favor. He said, “Kenia I need a favor. Can we please sign you up for your policy this year, because it would really help my bottom line for 2013.” I could not believe my ears! The honesty!!!! My response, “heck yes!” I not only loved that he was truthful and honest about his motive, but he thinks I am helping him, but he is helping me not procrastinate on this critical decision.

lancaster ohio hook up Guys if you don’t have life insurance, please, please, please include this as a new year’s resolution. When you are in good health, you can get a really high policy for peanuts. God forbid you start suffering from health ailments or a chronic illness you can waive goodbye to a policy that will provide security for your loved ones left behind. Food for thought! Sending you cheers as I munch on my celery sticks!