Knock Yourself Out

The importance of a will, life insurance, written final wishes are all things we should tackle in life so that our loved ones are not left with an added burden. I am guilty of not having my all my stuff together – but this very post is a reminder. All the above mentioned are critical to your mental health if a loved one near and dear should pass -but nothing gets you by like a good sense of humor – and not taking life so seriously.
I could get stressed with these calls – but instead I had a little chuckle after I hung up.

Bill Collector: We know Mr. Suaza passed away but there is still an outstanding balance on his business liability insurance.

Me: As I said the last 3x that you called – you should have stopped charging the account 5 months ago when I shared he was critically ill and the policy should be terminated.

Bill Collector: Yes, but we never received anything in writing.

Me: because he passed away

Bill Collector: Yes, but we need something in writing to cancel the account.

Me: The corporation was solely under his name, . I am not legally responsible for the business, so I ask that this be the last call I receive.

Bill Collector: Then we will have to send Mr. Suaza’s account to collections.

Me: Knock yourself out.

oct 11

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