Its Been 7 Months Dec 7

rencontre mbti 7 months huh? Wow, I nearly blinked and you have been gone 7 months. Recently I wondered…if I die old, will you still be young when we meet in heaven? If I honor your wishes and remarry in the far distant future, will we still be destined to be together again? Just crazy questions that pop in and out of my head. By the way, I don’t mind being a cougar in heaven in case you were wondering.

official statement Today you saw me crying hysterically in yoga – those were tears of joy because I felt your embrace the strongest I have ever felt since you passed. Thank you! Please do that again soon. Remember I use to complain every year about all the expensive gifts you gave me for the holiday’s and whenever I would say I liked something? We both know I can’t complain about that anymore. I am so extremely sorry for not knowing that your love language was through “Gifts”; I truly did not know – otherwise I would have been more gracious in receiving them, and more sneaky in returning them:)

This Site Well, I wanted you to know – that in your honor, I bought myself a new ski outfit and the price tag on the jacket made me feel pretty uncomfortable – which means it’s just like every other Christmas present you gave me. And guess what? I don’t feel guilty – I love it and it’s going to look amazing because it’s sooooo pretty and I deserve it! So Merry Christmas to me from you! Next year – no virtual presents please, just a warm embrace like you gave me today is just fine. I love you, I miss you, and I will see you on the other side – but God willing not for some time – I have some children to raise and hopefully some grandchildren to share your legacy with. I will always and forever love you! I am staying in faith just like you taught me.