Its Been 5 Months Oct 7
Good morning all. Today marks 5 months since John-Marlon left this Earth. Yesterday, Ava, my 6 year old requested that she. her brother & sis write something in their memory box about dad. It’s as if she sensed what today is – even though I don’t remind them of his monthly anniversary. Ava remembers dad having a date with her and enjoying Adventureland all by themselves. Marken remembers dad being a little too adventurous and together floating down the Delaware river (life-jackets of course) but without a raft. (I just found this out by the way). Natalia shared that when she puts on her smock in Art class (dad’s old shirt), she can smell his cologne and it makes her think of him. Eternity was the cologne and for an eternity we will think of him. My memory this morning is of when I would sleep and would wake up to him staring at me…I would laugh and say “what are you looking at?”, and confidently he would smile and with loving eyes touch my head and say “YOU”! I never knew how powerful those moments would be in my heart until I could no longer have them – I miss him so very much.

estratégias em opções binárias I have a skylight in my room and I talk to Marlon every night before I go to sleep. Although I cannot see him, I cannot feel his touch, I do feel his presence just like I felt it when he stared at me at night. I feel the energy that flows around me especially when I lay in my bed, and I know he continues to watch over me just as he did when he was right by my side.