It Has Been 1 Year


Today one year ago I awoke with the same peace that I did this morning. In the dark morning hours of May 7th, he called my name the entire night as I lay my head on his bed and my body on my cot. Every time he called my name – I tried to raise my head and a force pushed me down and all I could do was respond “I’m here.” I recall this went on the entire night; every time I responded, he would pat my head as an acknowledgement that he heard me. I still cannot explain that force that kept me down the night before, but I do believe I was not meant to see the transition from consciousness to unconsciousness. When I woke at 8am the following morning he was no longer calling my name and it was clear that he was preparing to leave. At 11:22am he took his final breath as I held his hand. When I witnessed that final breath I thanked God for his mercy on how peaceful his death was, and how much strength and faith he planted in me. This beautiful man that I had the pleasure of spending 15 years with has been my greatest teacher in life and beyond. Today I honor his life by moving forward in faith and knowing that although I can’t see him, he has never left my side.

I thank you all for your amazing, selfless, incredible support over the last year. I hope that you understand how much healing has been done through this virtual world called facebook. If you would like to share a story about Marlon on my wall or inbox me, or on this thread – please do so. Even if you didn’t know him – if his life and death has touched your family in some way – please continue to share…as your words continue to lift me and my children.

Many blessings on this beautiful May 7th!

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