May 13: Is there a right way to grieve?

read marriage In the last couple of days, people have asked other people if I am medicated, in denial, putting up a front. What do you guys think? You know me. My fb family and my support system know that I have been preparing mentally and physically for this crisis for a very long time. Of course I am heartbroken. I lost my husband and the father of my 3 children. I just choose not to grieve the traditional way. The same way I wore white to his funeral and hot pink shoes to his memorial, and kept a closed casket to remember him alive and happy. I grieve…but do it in a way that inspires me to be a better person, better mother, better friend in honor of my husband. I am about to grieve now…my grieving tonight consists of listening to Phillip Phillips Gone, Gone, Gone for the 500th time:)